Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Based on information in the Evaluation Report and the student file, the student must meet the requirements in all five areas below. The determination must be made by a multidisciplinary team and supported by information collected from multiple settings and sources.

A. Medical Documentation

_____ There is documentation by a physician of a medically verified traumatic brain injury (TBI). 

B. Functional Impairment

The student’s file must include documentation of a functional impairment attributed to the TBI that adversely affects education performance in at least one of the following:

_____ Intellectual-cognitive

_____ Sensory

_____ Academic

_____ Social-emotional-behavioral

_____ Motor

_____ Functional skills-adaptive behavior

_____ Communication

C. Previously Existing Conditions

Verification that the student’s impairments are not primarily the result of previously existing condition:

_____ Visual, hearing, motor impairments

_____ Developmental disabilities

_____ Environmental or economic disadvantage

_____ Emotional/behavioral disorders

_____ Language or specific learning disabilities

_____ Cultural differences

D. Documentation

The student file must include documentation of functional impairment through at least one of the following:

_____ Checklists

_____ Classroom or work samples

_____ Documented, systematic behavioral observations

_____ Educational/medical history

_____ Interviews with parent, student and other knowledgeable individuals

E. Documentation

The student’s file must include documentation of functional impairment based in at least one of the following:

_____ Criterion-referenced measures

_____ Personality or projective measures

_____ Sociometric measures

_____ Standardized assessment measures (academic, cognitive, communication, neuropsychological or motor)

Review of Eligibility Determination

To determine compliance with eligibility determination, one of the following must be checked.

_____ The documentation supports the team decision.
_____ The documentation does not support the team decision.

For complete information regarding disability criteria requirements, refer to Minnesota Rules, part 3525.1348.