Severly Multiply Impaired (SMI)

Severely Multiply Impaired (SMI)

Based on information in the Evaluation Report and the student file, the student must meet ALL requirements below.

Multiple Disabilities

Identify at least two disabilities that are documented in the student’s file: 

_____ Deaf and Hard of Hearing

_____ Physically Impaired

_____ Developmental Cognitive Disability – Severe-Profound range 

_____ Blind or Visually Impaired

_____ Emotional or Behavioral Disorders

_____ Autism Spectrum Disorders

Review of Eligibility Determination

To determine compliance with eligibility determination, one of the following must be checked. 

_____ The documentation supports the team decision.
_____ The documentation does not support the team decision.

For complete information regarding disability criteria requirements, refer to Minnesota Rule 3525.1339.