Blind-Visually Impaired (BVI)

Blind or Visually Impaired (VI)

Based on information in the Evaluation Report and the student file, the student must meet the requirements in A and B below.

A. Visual Impairment

The student’s file must include documentation of visual impairment by a licensed eye specialist in at least one of the following:

_____ Visual acuity of 20/60 or less in better eye with best conventional correction.

  • Estimation of acuity for difficult-to-test pupils.
  • For pre-kindergarten, measured acuity must be significantly deviant form what is developmentally appropriate

_____ Visual field of 20 degrees or less, or bilateral scotomas. 

_____ Congenital or degenerative condition: ___________________
such as, progressive cataract, glaucoma, retinitis pigmentosa B. Functional Evaluation The student’s file must include a functional evaluation of visual abilities. A licensed teacher of the visually impaired must determine the student has or experiences at least ONE of the following:
_____ Limited ability in visually accessing program-appropriate educational media without modification. _____ Limited ability to visually access full range of program-appropriate media and materials without accommodating actions such as changes in posture, body movement, squinting, focal distance, etc.

_____ Variable visual ability due to environmental factors that cannot be controlled such as contrast, weather, color or movement

_____ Reduced or variable visual acuity due to visual fatigue or factors common to the eye condition

Review of Eligibility Determination

To determine compliance with eligibility determination, one of the following MUST be checked. 

_____The documentation supports the team decision.

_____ The documentation does not support the team decision.

For complete information regarding disability criteria requirements, refer to Minnesota Rule 3525.1345.