Day Treatment Program

The #935 self-contained program partners with Lakeland Mental Health to provide a therapeutic educational environment for children with behavioral and mental health needs; learning and implementing the skills necessary to become successful in the mainstream school, home, and community settings. Families, supportive agencies, and school districts work closely to provide a comprehensive approach to providing the best educational program for each individual child. Two classrooms exist for students in preschool through grade 4 and students in grades 5-8.

Criteria and Process for Admission Consideration

  1. An application follows sustained restrictive programming with consultation from #935 Administrators (Sandy Kitzman and/or Stacy McAllister). The referring district is prepared to implement a full time self contained program before or after student placement in #935 program. The student has met criteria for EBD. If another categorical area is to be considered it will need to be approved through the Director.
  2. The screening team consists of an Asst. Director and the Director from #935. Students considered for this program are member districts of the #935.
  3. Screenings will be scheduled by the Director within a week of receiving the application.
  4. Communication will be made to the referring district within 48 hours of the application being screened.
  5. After screening and it is deemed appropriate for the student to start in the program, our team will hold an IEP/Intake meeting with the full team to include resident special education case manager, administration, #935 special education team, Lakeland Mental Health Providers and the parents/guardians. This meeting will rewrite the IEP and determine the start date and make transportation clear. The case manager of #935 will be the new case manager and therefore be writing the IEP.

The Fergus Falls Area Special Education Cooperative hosts two Day Treatment programs. One program is designed for students age preschool through fourth grade and one program is designed for students in grades five through eight. Both programs are located in Fergus Falls.

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