Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHH)

Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHH)

Based on information in the Evaluation Report and the student file, the student must meet requirements in A and either B, C, or D below.

A. Measurements

Audiological information from a certified audiologist must be provided to demonstrate that the pupil has one of the following:

_____ Sensorineural hearing loss with an unaided pure tone average, speech threshold, or auditory brainstem response threshold of 20 decibels hearing level (HL) or greater in the better ear;

_____ Conductive hearing loss with an unaided pure tone average or speech threshold of 20 decibels hearing level (HL) or greater in the better ear persisting over three months or occurring at least three times in the previous 12 months as verified by audiograms with at least one measure provided by a certified audiologist;

_____ Unilateral sensorineural or persistent conductive loss with an unaided pure tone average or speech threshold of 45 decibels hearing level (HL) or greater in the affected ear; or

_____ Sensorineural hearing loss with unaided pure tone thresholds at 35 decibels hearing level (HL) or greater at two or more adjacent frequencies (500 hertz, 1000 hertz, 2000 hertz or 4000 hertz) in the better ear.

B. Effect on Educational Performance

The student's hearing loss affects educational performance as demonstrated by:

_____ The student needs to consistently use amplification appropriately in educational settings as determined by audiological measures and systematic observation data;


_____ The student has an achievement deficit showing performance in the 15th percentile or 1.0 standard deviation or more below the mean in one area.

Achievement Test
          Basic reading skills          Results: _____

          Reading comprehension  Results: _____

          Written language              Results: _____

          General knowledge          Results: _____

C. Use or Understanding of Spoken English

The student's hearing loss affecting the use or understanding of spoken English as documented by one or both of the following:

_____ Under typical classroom conditions, the student's classroom interaction is limited as measured by systematic observation of communication behaviors;


_____ The use of American Sign Language or one or more alternative or augmentative systems of communication, alone or in combination with oral language as documented by parent or teacher reports and language sampling conducted by a professional with knowledge in the area of communication with persons who are deaf or hard of hearing.

D. Effect on Adaptive Behavior

_____ The student's hearing loss affects the adaptive behavior required for age-appropriate social functioning as supported by documented systematic observation within the student's primary learning environments by a licensed professional and the student, when appropriate;


_____ Below average scores of same-aged peers on a standardized scale of social skill development. 

          Test Name: ______________ Results: _____________

Review of Eligibility Determination

To determine compliance with eligibility determination, one of the following must be checked. 

_____ The documentation supports the team decision.
_____ The documentation does not support the team decision.

For complete information regarding disability criteria requirements, refer to Minnesota Rule 3525.1331.